Week 12

This week I was able to print out the book model, there wasn’t any coloured filament so everythingwas just black. I also realized that the book text I aded onto the front page of the book was at the same level of depth so you can’t see the text. For my last project that I’ll…Continue Reading Week 12

Week 11

This week I’m going to start the big project either a rubix cube or the octopus thing I wanted to do for my end project. I probably wouldn’t be able to print it but it’ll be challenging to model both. I’ll start preparing for the presetation this week. I’ll do a slideshow just like last…Continue Reading Week 11

Week 10

This week I met with my expert over the break, I was able to email them and pull the I am a student card, so I was able to go there and get a quick crash course of modeling for free. The store sold both filaments and 3D printers so it was pretty trustworthy. The…Continue Reading Week 10

Week 9

THis week I used the 3D pen to make three structures. The 3D pen needs to be plugged into a charger that keeps the nozzel hot so when the filament comes out its soft and malleable. It also 3 speeds, one being the fastest where it comes out smooth, the second being slower, and the…Continue Reading Week 9

Week 8

I sent the STL. file to my dad but he said it was too big, I’m not sure how to change the size on an STL. file but that could be something I look into this week. I did also move my blender model into tinkercad just because it’s easier to see and download, so…Continue Reading Week 8

Week 7

This week my 3D printer broke. It will complicate the printing process but I can still send it to my dad and he can print it using his companies 3D printer, in order to transfer a model into a file to print it needs to be in an STL. file. After a few searches the…Continue Reading Week 7

Week 6

This week I’ll try to look for another 3d printing place that offers consulting lessons thats relativelt cheaper, the RepRap place is a bit too expensive so I’ll look for an alternative. If I can’t find one though I’ll probably consider it. Apparently the EPL does offer printing services, you can send a file for…Continue Reading Week 6

Week 5

This week I didn’t have much time because I had to do band camp and missed the genius hour block. I was able to start looking for experts though just in case it takes a lot of time. Mainly because last genius hour I didn’t quite have that much time I think I found the…Continue Reading Week 5

Week 4

This week I was able to add more depth into the chair such as cushions onto the seat and the back of it, I’m still not 100% sure on how to add colour and texture onto the chair legs. I think that’s more advanced compared to where my skills are at right now. Tinkercad is…Continue Reading Week 4