Week 12

This week I called the bedrock stucco supply and asked for tips on soapstone. The lady was really nice and told me that since it was a weekend there weren’t any carvers at the store but I could look at their affiliate rubble road soapstone website or tips. :https://www.rubble-road.com/wolf-soapstone-carving-instructions They had a really in depth…Continue Reading Week 12

Week 11

I have gotten a reply from one of the companies/ stores I emailed however they referred me to the Bedrock Supply or one of the lapirdary stores and replied with: “We are a retail selling gallery and do not have expertise on the actual process of carving.  You would learn more from a lapidary shop…Continue Reading Week 11

Week 10

So far the place I’ve emailed still hasn’t replied so I may need to either call them, or find a new place to email. I do have a few places in mid such as: Canvastone Art Studio because they offer childrens calsses on Fridays and Saturday, and BearClaw Gallery. All the other places however, are…Continue Reading Week 10

Week 9

I started on the wolf sculpture so far, it’s going decent, I;m starting to just add some smoothness in the lines however one of the wolves ears is a bit chipped, so I will have to work around that later. This sculpture I’m probably going to do a before and after picture, sometimes ti does…Continue Reading Week 9

Week 8

Polishing did not go well, I made quite a big mess, and it doesn’t really look this smooth. I have 3 reasons why it might’ve failed. Oil I used wasn’t right Didn’t use all three levels of sandpaper Rag could’ve been too rough I might try experimenting with different oils, if I don’t have it…Continue Reading Week 8

Week 7

For now, I feel like I have most of the basics grasped well enough, I might start working on the wolf during Christmas break. The bear is a lost cause, it looks good enough and its just a first try. The wolf is considerably bigged that the bear, which could impact how I approach it….Continue Reading Week 7

Week 6

This week I used the first level of rough sandpaper on the sculpture. I found it weird how it felt and how unatural using sandpaper is, I used it too rough in some parts, yet too light in others. This lead to some uneven edges and dips in the stone. I don’t know how to…Continue Reading Week 6

Week 5

This week I tried experimenting with cold and hot water to see if it made a difference. It seemed the colour was relatively the same, however the soapstone seemed easier to carve after being dipped in hot water. It also was more convinient to have a big bucket of warm water and dip the soapstone…Continue Reading Week 5